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Using only botanically derived ingredients found in nature, JointPro achieved a 57 percent inhibition of pain and inflammation, a number comparable with topical betamethasone, which uses harsh chemicals. In additional studies, JointPro has proven effective against general inflammation conditions, including sunburn, elevated PSA, eczema, and insect bite pain. If you’re


Eyebrows are arguably one of the most important features on our faces. Brows + Eyebrow Enhancer Serum will ensure that your eyebrows remain the most alluring. Use our clinically approved serum to:

> Improve hair brows density
> Improve hair brows anchoring
> Create thicker hair fibers.
> Promote regroup of hair


Enhanced lash length, unleashed vibrant colours and supersized lash density are some of the unique benefits Lash + delivers. Clinically Approved for all skin types, the Lash + Eyelash Enhancer Serum is safe for daily use and will:

> Increase Lash Length
> Increase Lash Density
> Increase Lash Thickness
> Promote Lash


Reshape and enhance your lips within 15 days with long lasting LIPS + lip plumper. Notice a 30% increase in hydration, restore your top lip volume and reduce lips wrinkles and furors by up to 30%. LIPS + is the perfect solution to lips that lack volume and have been affected by the


EPI-C is a Clinically Approved After Hair Removal Treatment for body & legs, for home and professional use. Unlike traditional Laser and PL Machine, hair removal treatments that work only on dark hair, EPI-C efficiently works also on white, blond and colorless hair. Use of the product is pain

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